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Company Profile
Who are we?
     Dongguan Sanhe Laser Technology Limited Company is a professional manufacturer of laser equipment and the modernization of production and application of high-tech enterprises.In this eight years,Outstanding Sanhe team has been committed to the study and practice of light conversion,take lifting laser value as our business goals.We insist on professional skills and pragmatic approach to service each customer.
Sanhe Laser has a young,professional,innovative and passionate team for research and development and production.They witnessed the birth and beyond of every new technology.We maintain a long-term and stable cooperation relationship with Beijing Institute of Opto-electronic,Anhui Machine Institute,Huazhong University of Science,Dongguan University of Technology and other well-know Institute and Universities.For our products innovation to provide a solid technical support and security.
Our annual production capacity up to 1000 sets,include laser welding,marking cutting three series nearly hundred model products.Equipment is widely used in hardware ,electronic,sapphire,medical care,jewelry,automotive,communications,printing,plastic products and more than 200 industry sectors.Some of the equipment allows for automated flow,and with other equipment to achieve prefect docking.
We have a dream in heart to ignite hope of success on the road;we holds professional to create a new direction of the laser industry;we stick together to accumulate strength for the new brand;Sanhe Laser has been leading the line to soar.
Company Culture
Enthusiasm + Creative + Unite + Brainstorming + Professional + Brand
Professional skills ,richexperience,excellentcreative minds,creating first-class brand for you!!
Sanhe Laser is a team full of passionate team, innovation, teamwork, brainstorming, professional and pragmatic, dedicated to customer service is our philosophy. How far a person can go, depending on who the peer, Sanhe Laser company team is an ideal and passion of the team, is a thriving and vibrant team, also a technical professional, management, innovation and learning team.
Vision:when three lines must has somebody be my teacher, we respected team members idea.
Mission:with professional armed the machines, to promote national laser industry
Values:never compared with others,just to become best ourselves
Enterprise Qualification